About Us

ioAnima&Mani Creations is a brand of handmade jewelry and accessories, born from the passion and creativity of its owner, SimonaPetraglia, a former sociologist and now entrepreneur in the making.
All our creations are completely handmade. Made to suit the most varied tastes and to be worn on any occasion, they aim to create designs that do not want to follow the fashion of the moment, but rather enhance everyone’s individual style.
A variety of techniques and materials are used to create pieces, which will strike the fancy of those who love being original as well as classy.
All my jewelry and accessories come from an idea, an intuition, the casual observation of an involuntary gesture or a suggestion that catches my attention during the day and then comes to me in the form of a dream at night. I actually dream the designs of the pieces I make.”
I love contrasts because I believe that diversity is enriching. I always experiment with new blends, both from an intellectual and material point of view.”

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